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We are proud of the strong music tradition at Hawes Down Primary School and hope that with each new intake this tradition will continue. We are very fortunate in having many peripatetic instrumental music teachers who visit the school each week to give tuition in the following:

  • Brass instruments
  • Percussion
  • Classical Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Clarinet
  • Cello
  • Flute

If you wish your child to be considered for lessons in any of these instruments, please complete and return the attached music form. When deciding whether or not to put your child’s name down for music lessons you should be aware of the following:

If your child is accepted for music tuition, the lesson may possibly take place for 15-30 minutes during classroom lesson time. We ask that any work missed is made up at home.

Please only put your child’s name down for one musical instrument ensuring that your child is serious about wanting to learn that instrument.

Once your child has been accepted for lessons, all contact and relevant payment is between you and the peripatetic music teacher. The school is under no obligation to pass on messages between both parties and it is your responsibility to inform the music teacher if your child will be absent from school, ie, for a school trip or a planned holiday.

Orchestra: If your child currently learns a stringed, wind, brass or percussive instrument (not piano or guitar), either in school, via ‘The Blues Band’, or privately, then we would like to invite any child of any standard to join the School Orchestra.  The orchestra takes place on a Wednesday morning from 8.00 to 8.45 in the upper school hall.

Band on the Run: Band on the Run involves brass instrument tuition and is a great opportunity which will enable your child to develop their musical abilities in addition to improving their confidence with performing.  At present, invitations to join are given to pupils who, following an embouchure test, are identified as having an aptitude for playing a brass instrument.   Pupils will then progress to Blues Band (see below).

Blues Band:  Blues Band, performs a variety of contemporary rock and blues music, and comprises drums, guitars and keyboards for the rhythm section, and clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, baritones, and trombones for the horn section.  We will hope to add vocals to the band later in the term.

bymt Lesson Application Form 2021

HDPS covid-19 Risk Assessment for Music

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