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Staff List

Contacting Staff

Should you wish to contact a member of staff, please email the school office (, marking it for the attention of the teacher concerned.

Senior Staff List


School Improvement Leader

Mr M De Freitas

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 10.22.25

Deputy Headteacher

EYFS Leader, Teaching & Learning Leader

Mrs D Whiteman

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 10.22.32

Assistant Headteacher

CPD Leader, Assessment & Reporting Leader

Phase Leader for Years 3 & 4

Mrs L Windheuser

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 10.22.45

SENCO/Head of Inclusion

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Mrs S Rowedder

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 10.22.51

Head of ARP

Mrs K Barks


ARP Assessment & Planning Leader Mrs F Chapman Francesca chapman

School Business Manager

Mrs S Burgess

Img 0008

School Curriculum Leader

Phase Leader for Years 1 & 2

Mrs H Newnham

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 10.23.27

School Curriculum Leader

Phase Leader for Years 5 & 6

Mrs S Voice

Sharon voice

Pastoral Lead

Mrs J Emmett

Mrs Emmett

Class Teachers 20/21

Star (Reception)

Miss H Donnelly

Sun (Reception)

Miss G Dale &

Miss N Breathwick

Georgia dale

Natalie breathwick

Mercury (Year 1)

Mrs K Jamieson &

Mrs S McSavage

Venus (Year 1)

Miss G Stocker

Earth (Year 2)

Mrs K Sugden & 

Mrs J Chaplin

Katy sugden

Jodie chaplin

Mars (Year 2)

Mrs H Newnham & 

Mrs A Wheway

Annwen wheway website


(Discovery ARPS)

Miss E Farrington

Lizzie farrington

Jupiter (Year 3)

Mrs M Lucas

Saturn (Year 3)

Miss I Lowe

Neptune (Year 4)

Ms J Abraham

Joanna abraham

Pluto (Year 4)

Mr T Bale


Mrs S Bhatia Concas


Miss L John

Nebula (Year 6)

Mr O Fishlock

Supernova (Year 6)

Mrs S Voice &

Mrs A Price Haworth


Oberon (Years 3&4 ARPS)

Mrs L Marsh &

Mrs K Barks

Laura marsh

Prospero (Years 5&6 ARPS)

Mrs A Gillette

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