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Vision, Ethos & Values

Our Mission Statement

To challenge and nurture our children to become valued individuals who will reach their full potential by becoming independent thinkers and confident learners.

Our vision at Hawes Down Primary School is to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment where children enjoy their learning and
    are inspired to achieve.
  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming and caring environment of mutual respect, where children feel special
    and valued.
  • Recognise that all children are different and seek to accommodate all learning and social needs.
  • Encourage every child to realise their full academic and personal potential by providing a challenging, balanced, broad and enriched curriculum both in and out of school hours.
  • Provide high standards of behaviour where children feel confident to communicate feelings and are equipped with solid moral values.
  • Encourage, reward and value hardworking pupils who take pride in their work and are excellent role
    models around the school.
  • Encourage positive partnerships and collaborative thinking between all stakeholders of the school.
  • Ensure that all children have happy memories of their time in our school and who, upon leaving, have become responsible members of our community and the wider world.

HDPS is the best school, it's fun and you learn loads.

(Year 3 pupil)

Achievement Bravery Compassion

At the beginning of the school year in 2012/13, the school began the process of reviewing its ethos and vision. This task was led by our Head Boy and Head Girl and was the main focus of their year. After a consultation process that involved all school stakeholders, it was decided that the three words that best described our school were:

  • Achievement
  • Bravery
  • Compassion

The children are always encouraged to strive to achieve high standards and success in everything they set
their minds to, and to always search for "taller mountains to climb".

The children are always encouraged to brave to take on new or difficult challenges, as well as ask for help when they need it most. As well as this, to be brave enough to stand up and uphold our school rules and values confidently.

The children are always encouraged to, and always do, show compassion for each other and those who need our care and support.

These words are the cornerstone of our school and are applied to all settings and celebrated each day.
They can also easily be remembered as our ABC.

We still daily and weekly hold this mantra near to us, and it underpins everything we strive to do and celebrate in our school.

Champion Choices

Upon amalgamating the old infant and junior schools, and led by the children, we created a set of school value statements for us all to abide by and promote. 

The children presented the staff team with what are now our Champion Choices. These are as follows and in no particular order:

  • We are always kind with our mouths, voices and hands
  • We are always careful listeners
  • We always look after everyone and everything
  • We are always ready to learn and we never give up
  • We always walk safely and quietly inside our school
  • We help others make Champion Choices

Every classroom has these displayed and each week in Whole School Assembly we promote and celebrate these.  Our school values pupil voice and empowerment.  What better way to have children be proud of, and stand by a set of values than have them come up with what they all feel is important in our school.    

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