At Hawes Down Primary School everyone’s Mental Health and Wellbeing is a Priority


  • To promote positive mental health and wellbeing for all children and staff.
  • To make mental health and wellbeing something that everyone can talk about.
  • To provide for the mental health and wellbeing of both children and staff through a range of methods and resources.

Our WellbeingTeam

All staff members have a responsibility to support and promote children’s and staff’s mental health and wellbeing. There are certain staff members who have a specific role within Hawes Down Primary School:

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ms Bretherick
Deputy Safeguarding Leads - Mrs Whiteman, Miss Dales, Mrs Chapman 
Family Liaison Officer - Miss Dales 
Inclusion Leader/SENCO - Mrs Rowedder
Personal Development lead [PSHE/RSE]  – Ms John
Personal Development team – Mrs McSavage, Ms Bradbury
Mental Health Leads - Mrs Rowedder/Miss Dales
SENCO Assistant – Mrs Fraser
ELSA’s (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) – Mrs Dingle, Mrs Papie, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Hancox
Mental Health First Aiders – Mrs Rowedder, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Papie, Miss Hancox, Mrs Owlett
Pastoral dog - Elsie

Support for Children 

Mental health and wellbeing is an integral part of life at Hawes Down Primary School. This is arranged from a universal level support to a more personalised and specialist support.

Universal offer includes:

Access to members of the Pastoral Team
Access to sensory room
Zones of Regulation embedded throughout the school
Bromley Y – workshops for Years 4/5/6 on anxieties and worries/ transition
NSPCC speak out, stay safe visits: Year 5 and 6 workshops
NSPCC whole school assembly
Worry boxes/monsters in each classroom
Pupil passports
Specific interventions:
Sensory circuits/walks
1:1 sessions with members of the Pastoral Team

Signposting for children/parents to outside agencies e.g. Bromley Childen’s Project, Bromley Y, Bromley Young Carers, Bereavement support


Mental health and wellbeing is embedded in our school curriculum in many different subject areas including PSHE and RSE

Wellbeing surveys are carried out yearly as part of the PSHE curriculum. These are analysed carefully and appropriate support is put into place for individuals/groups as required

Assemblies cover mental health topics throughout the year.

Wellbeing Coffee Morning

Bromley Y

bromley y 2024 calendar of events 

bromley y useful websites categorised by need 

Bromley Y Signpost poster - listening, advice and information 

Bromley y  changing from primary to secondary schoolBromley y emotionally based school avoidanceBromley y helping children with anxietybromley y helping children with sleep difficultiesBromley y friends and feelings handoutBromley Y year 5 friendship workshopBromley Y Services LeafletBromley Y workshop on Transition - June 2023

Bromley Y - Worry Toolbox Activity 

Zones of Regulation

Zones of regulation power point slides

Zones of regulation poster

Zones of regulation parents' feedback

Winston's Wish - Specialist Bereavement Support Services

Winston's Wish support children and young people after the death of parent or sibling. They can be contacted via their Freephone National Helpline on 08088 020 021 for advice and guidance. 

Please click here to visit their website.

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