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HDPS Music Concert 2022

Posted on: June 28th - 2022

It was with much anticipation that we returned to the Concert Hall at Langley Park School for Boys where we held our Music Concert on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

Over the years this has been led with outstanding success by Mrs Crawford and Mr Oztek. Rising equally to the challenge, Mrs Jamieson led and organised a night that we will also not forget – and for all the right Hawes Down reasons.

The program included ensembles for recorder and guitar, individual instrumental pieces and an array of singing compositions. These included our chamber choir, glee club, duets and soloists. In addition to this we had G-Force put on a finale that was completely out of this world.

It was an incredibly magical experience. Here are a few pictures from the night.






Chamber choir

Glee club




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