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The Book of Hopes

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Since our return to school, each class have enjoyed spending time doing lots of reading and writing linked to The Book of Hopes, as well as PSHE and art activities. 

The Book of Hopes, which is available to read online, aimed to comfort, inspire and encourage children during lockdown through delight, new ideas, ridiculous jokes and heroic tales. There are true accounts of cats and hares and plastic-devouring caterpillars; there are doodles and flowers; revolting poems and beautiful poems; and there are stories of space travel and new shoes and dragons!

Below you can read a selection of class poems based on poems read in The Book of Hopes. Look out for our own HDPS Book of Hopes coming soon which will feature more poetry and art work written by the children of Hawes Down. 

5js hands of hope

5J's Hands of Hope

Earth Class Autumn Poem, September 2020

Earth in Autumn


Oh how I love the autumn time!

Colourful crunchy leaves time,

Playing in the leaves time.

I love it when the leaves turn to sunset time.

Conkers shining brown time.

Halloween time, dream time, fun time,

Oh how I love the leaf time, tree time, scary time.

Fruit picking time and harvest singing time,

It is nearly my birthday time.

I love jumping in the leaves time.

Oh how I LOVE the autumn time!

Neptune Class Lockdown Poem, September 2020

There’s a buzz inside our classroom

A tingle in the air

‘They’re coming’ whispered the pencils

As the tables ordered the chairs


The cupcakes have been eaten

The bikes have been put away

The pots and pans are at rest

All set to start the first day


It’s that moment the teachers planned for

That moment is finally here

The smiling faces of all the children

Will at last reappear


They’ve waited in their houses

And played online games

They’ve sat in their living rooms

Remembering classmates’ names


But now we’re in school together

The knitting needles silent

As the whiteboard is switched on

On the laptop we’re no longer reliant


So the long family walks are over

The sibling rivalry ends

The reading books are packed

As we are reunited with our friends


The arts and crafts are in the drawers

The school uniform is ready to be shown

As the children walk into the classroom

The social bubbles have fully grown


The puzzles and flipbooks are parked

As are the tie dye and nature walks

Now we’re back to tennis and rugby

So the children can continue to talk


We’re just glad to be back

We’re always grateful for school

To learn and be with our friends

So we can gain knowledge and stand tall


We might have had a different 2020

But our school is still the same

It’s full of joy, friends and learning

Hawes Down Primary School is its name

5BC's Store of Magical Things Class Poem, September 2020

I met a wrinkly, wise old wizard once

In a store full of magical, mysterious things.

Humming tunefully while he twiddled and tapped his wand, sitting in an ancient rocking chair.

His pointed hat on his head,

His blue cloak covered with silver stars that glowed under the misty lights.


"What are you buying today child?"

He spoke in a croaky voice,


"There is a magical mind-controlling chant,

The teardrop of a golden graceful angel,

A mythical minion that can fly,

A sweet and angelic voice that brings joy,

A violin which plays mystical music,

A rainbow with a pot of hope at the end,

A magical pencil that grants all your wishes,

An all-powerful avatar,

A series of books that never-end,

A bottomless chest full of treasures,

A golden chain that makes you rich.


An ice cream that never melts,

A bucketful of delicious chicken wings,

A bright violet that never loses its scent,


A whistle of bird-song,

Happiness and hope sunglasses,

Paper that never rips,

A rainbow that never fades,

A clock that can see into the future,

     A pen that writes endless tales,


A clone of yourself  

A potion that grants all your wishes and reveals your dreams

A drink that can bring back loved ones 

A game that never ends

A crystal hour-glass that turns back time

A warm home for anyone that needs it


A magical creature that brings what you desire

A star full of positive, enlightening thoughts 

 A telephone that can call anybody in the world

An ear-horn so we can understand animals

A spell-book that never runs out of ideas


A lantern that always lights the way through dark times 

A cloak that shrouds you in invisibility

A guitar that strums forever

A drink that grants immortality 

A road full of memories

A friend that will always be there

A crashing waterfall of dreams 


I knew what I would take home with me

What I am sending to you now


Faith that never ends 

Trust that never fails you


Hope that never dies. 

Oberon Class Kindness Poem, September 2020

Oberon class poem

Saturn Class Hope Poem, September 2020

Hope is a rainbow

Open your eyes and look at the sky

People have hope in their hearts

Everyone has hope inside of them!

By Saturn class

Mercury Class Say Something Nice Poem, September 2020

I love the bright sunshine in the sky

My brother is kind to me

I love my teachers

Yummy chocolate ice cream.

I love Halloween and trick or treating

You are friendly to me

Mrs Lovelock has a smiley face.

Say Something Nice…


Rainbow coloured flowers

Holidays up North with my family

Sausages and potatoes.

James is kind to me

Family time.

Eating chocolate brownies.

Say Something Nice…


Playing with my friends at school

George my dog jumps on me.

I love my mum and dad.

Swimming in the pool.

A 'ring pop' full of different flavours

Can I be your friend?

Say Something Nice…


Being in my front room as mummy is always there.

My family do nice things with me.

Riding with Wizard my horse.

Outside with my friends.


Smiling friends

Vanilla ice cream

Say Something Nice…


A smiling Mrs Cullen!

Playing hide and seek with mummy.

Hard stones on my toes at the beach.

Jupiter Class Hope Poem, September 2020

Happiness and love all over the world

Open the door and spread the love

Put hope before hate

Everyone has hope. What’s yours?

By Jupiter Class

Venus Class Say Something Nice Poem, September 2020

Say something nice like:

Your coat is soft like snow

Shall we play outside?

Your hair smells like flowers.

I’ll tell you a joke.

Would you like to go to the funfair?

Do you want to come on a hot air balloon ride?


Say something nice like:

I like your clothes.

Do you want to go to the cinema?

You're better than chocolate cake.

I like ice cream.

You remind me of lollies.

I like your shoes.


Say something nice like:

You're better than a heart.

Candyfloss is softer than clouds.

You remind me of strawberry cake.

I like your glasses.

Can I be your friend?

You are lots of fun.


Say something nice like:

I like lorries.

Can you be with me?

You're better than the world.

Do you want to come to my birthday?

I like motor cross.

You remind me of candy.


Say something nice like:

Your eyes are like gold.

You're better than being in bed.

Do you want to come to my house?

I like your dog.

You can ride my bike.

I’ll be your friend.

Mars Class Autumn Poem, September 2020

Mars Class in Autumn


Oh how I love the Autumn time!

The days get longer and the nights get shorter time.

The weather gets colder so wrap up time.

You put your coat and boots on time.

Red, yellow, orange leaves and some stay green time.

The leaves fall off the trees time.

Playing in the crunchy leaves is such fun time.

The squirrels store nuts for food time.

The animals get ready to hibernate time.

Halloween and Firework nights on their way time

Oh how I LOVE the Autumn time!

Supernova Magic Box Poem, September 2020

I will put into my box,

The biggest star in the gloomy sky that I can find.

The sound of rain tapping against my bedroom window,

The warmth of a flickering fire,

The smell of freshly baked bread.


I will put into my box,

Millions and millions of glowing stars from the iridescent night sky,

Snow flowing in the wind on a cold day,

The most colourful birds of paradise,

A feather from a fiery Phoenix.


I will put into my box,

Never ending packet noodles,

A humungous mansion in sunny Spain,

My dog with black hair,

The sounds of waves crashing against rough rocks,

A clean atmosphere.


My box will be fashioned of sea shells with friendship bands as hinges and stardust sprinkles as locks.


Prospero Class, A Poem About Me, September 2020

Prospero Class looked at the poem, 'Me' from the Book of Hope. They talked about the things that make us our own, unique and amazing selves and wrote their own poems. Here is one example.

Img 20200923 174502

Sun Class Tree of Hope Display, September 2020

Img 1241

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